Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does the software run on?
Currently, it is expected to run on Windows platforms from XP onwards.

What platforms will the software run on?
Dependent on the success of the Windows release, other platforms will be ported to. The libraries that the software relies on already work on many platforms (Qt, OGRE, Bullet, KDL). The algorithms used are computationally intensive; nevertheless, the current generation of phones are probably powerful enough.

What features will be added to future versions of MIDI Digits Pianist?
Interactivity is desired, such as the ability to play along on an external MIDI keyboard or to press the piano keys on screen using mouse clicks or touch screen presses.

What future products are planned?
There are many possible ideas: a guitarist, a violinist, a drummer, …
The potential for the realisation of these visions depends on the resources available as a consequence of the financial success of MIDI Digits Pianist, so please purchase a license key if you want these other robots to be created.